There’s something very wrong with this children’s Batman backpack… and people aren’t happy


WHILE Batman and Superman are both superheroes, they’re pretty different.

But apparently, some people still struggle to tell them apart.

Viral Twitter page You Had One Job posted a funny photo of a kids’ backpack this week – which has a rather awkward defect.

The name Batman is printed across the bottom, in the character’s trademark bright yellow.

But unfortunately for fans of the comic book character, the accompanying picture depicts someone else entirely.

The image shows Superman flying through the air, and even includes the Superman logo.

 Batman dresses in black and doesn't have the ability to fly


Batman dresses in black and doesn’t have the ability to fly
 On the other hand, Superman wears a blue suit and has all sorts of powers


On the other hand, Superman wears a blue suit and has all sorts of powers

To be fair, it does look as though the picture may be a removable one.

So perhaps an avid superhero fan wanted to have both of their favourite characters on their backpack?

Whatever the case, Twitter users are appalled by the thought of someone getting confused between the two.

One person commented: « What a travesty, » while another wrote: « Bunch of philistines. »

There were also some interesting theories about how the mistake could have happened, including: « Perhaps the bag belongs to Batman? »

Actually, that makes total sense.

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Deleted scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


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